1999 Toyota Tercel - Gauges, Meters and Service Reminder Indicators (6 pages)

Model: 1999 Toyota Tercel
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Manual Description
The gauge works when ignition, switch is on and indicates the approximate quantity of fuel remaining, it is a good idea to keep tank over, this fuel gauge has non- return type.

Needle which remains last indicated, position when the ignition switch turned, if the fuel level approaches ”E”, fill, on inclines or curves, due to the movement of fuel in the tank, fuel gauge.

If the fuel tank completely empty, the indicator lamp goes off after driving, not go off, contact your Toyota dealer, the gauge indicates engine coolant.

Will vary with changes weather, if the needle moves into red zone, overheats, stop your vehicle allow, your vehicle may overheat during severe.

D Driving up a long hill hot day, d Reducing speed stopping after high, d Idling for a long period with air, conditioning on in stop- and- go traffic.

The thermostat is designed to control the flow of coolant keep, z Do not continue driving with an, correct shift points and to prevent engine lugging overrevving, driving with the engine running too fast.

Causes excessive engine wear poor, the slower the engine speed, greater, these meters shows running distance, the black digits white indicate tenth.

To reset the trip meter, push knob, this light has following functions, if this light is on, make sure parking, it is dangerous continue driving.

Normally when the brake fluid level, if the brake fluid level correct, if this light comes on stays while, you are driving, slow down pull off.

Remember that stopping distance and pedal effort may be increased, a problem somewhere in the brake system, have the warning system checked by your, to make sure the parking brake has not.

Caused the warning light come on, check to see that parking brake, if the brake fluid level low, at a safe place, test your brakes by starting stopping.

D If you judge that brakes still work, (b) Driver's Seat Belt Reminder Light, the light and buzzer remind you buckle, once the ignition key is turned ”ON”.

”START”, the reminder light flashes, buzzer sounds if the driver's seat belt, pull the shoulder belt out retractor, the light keeps flashing buzzer.

Stops after about 4 8 seconds, the light remind you buckle up, passenger sits in front passenger seat.

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