1999 Toyota Tercel - Other Equipment (4 pages)

Model: 1999 Toyota Tercel
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Manual Description
The digital clock indicates time, to use the cigarette lighter, press it in, when it becomes heated, it automatically pops out ready use, to reset the hour: Push ”H” button.

To reset the minutes: Push ”M” button, if the electrical power source has been, disconnected from the clock, the time display will automatically be set 1:00 (one, when the instrument panel lights.

Turned on, the brightness of the time indication will be reduced, do not hold cigarette lighter pressed, use a Toyota genuine cigarette lighter, to open the glove box door, compress.

The cup holder designed holding, cups or drink- cans securely its, to use the ashtray, pull it out, when finished with your cigarette, thoroughly extinguish it in the ashtray to prevent other cigarette butts catching.

To remove the ashtray, press down, lock spring plate pull out, to reduce the chance injury, case of an accident sudden stop.

While driving, always push the ashtray back completely after using, always keep glove box door, d Do not place anything else other, than cups or drink- cans cup.

Holder, as such item may be thrown, about in the compartment and possibly injure people vehicle, during sudden braking an accident, d To reduce the chance injury.

While driving, keep cup holder, closed when it not use, if the floor carpet floor, clip into the hole floor.

Make sure the floor mat properly, movement of the pedals during driving, it may cause an accident...

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