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2021 Polo Model: Polo

Originally the Polo was a car developed by an outside automaker that specialized in motorcycles, before it was launched it was bought out by Volkswagen.

Volkswagen originally tried to sell the car like an Audi with the model name "50" but found it struggled to sell under that brand so brought it under their direct domain.

Many people saw the Polo as the smaller version of the Golf but both cars were drastically different, something VW wanted to emphasize due to the large price differences.

Over the years the car has gone from a cheaper alternative to a fully-fledge model of its own with features on the 2021 model such as heated seats and autonomous braking (optional).

These 2021 models are examples of the sixth-generation of design that was introduced during 2017, with a range of new economical engines.

During this year the model did see a slight facelift with improvements made to the external cosmetics.

Boot space has increased roughly 25% since the last Polo model thanks to improvements to the design and quality of the materials.

In Latin countries, you can find the 2021 Volkswagen Polo on sale with a boot as a saloon model called the Virtus.

The owner's manual for that version of the car is the same as this so the PDF on this page is still relevant.

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